These are the traits on which the foundation of the organization will be built, and we shall have these traits followed in our organization.


Responsiveness means the ability to respond to a request or question from a customer, employee or partner with an acknowledgement and letting them know the next step on when we would be able to meet the request within 24 hours of the request being made from the customer.


1. We will respond to any request within 24 hours of our job and will not leave a customer hanging dry without telling them the next step.
2. From an organization perspective, we would communicate to the request of the employee within 24 hours and an ETA on when it can be done accordingly.


If we say we will do a job within a time frame, we do it within the time frame.
From a customer perspective, if we say we are going to make a release on this day, we stand by and do the release successfully. From an organization perspective if we commit to a time frame on a particular decision or activity, we deliver it on the committed date.


If we are not able to meet the expectation, we would notify the client on when we can complete it with an explanation on the reason for the delay.


This means we want to be the experts in what service we do and would take steps to make ourselves the experts in the service.
From a customer perspective, the customer always looks for the best solution or the best team and would get the best team. We want to create this as our brand going forward. From an employee perspective, employees would be made to take certifications on thylaksoft solutions and would be rewarded for the certification . This would be made mandatory for leaders. From an organization perspective, management should provide measures for the employees to be trained and be the best in there job and provide ways of measuring employees on standards to let them know where they stand on there expectations.


Innovation should focus on the following goals
1. Looking for ways or techniques which would help the customer application gain speed of loading data or ease of use for the customer to perform a usecase.
2. Help thylaksoft to do the service in lesser time, reducing defects or manage time better.
3. Working with the client and providing tips or questions to the client to reduce his cost or increase his sale.

From a customer perspective, we would have a lesson learnt session at the end of every release where we share the achievements, defects and ways to reduce it and also question the client on ways which would improve his business which we can target to show our difference. From an employee perspective, employees would be made to share there tips which would meet the above innovation goals on a monthly basis and a report is generated for it. Employees would be rewarded for there contribution in the form of objects and points. From a process perspective, our innovision meetings every Friday would be targeted to this goal.


We would be always be willing to listen to our customer and employee feedback which can be positive, negative and constructive which would aid our growth and would always act with a follow up on what we can do on it.

From a customer perspective, if the customer has comments or feedback on our work or growth, we listen and follow up on ways to act on the comments. From an employee perspective, we need to listen to our employees comments and create a culture of openness where every person can voice there opinion on any subject and we would respond to it with an acknowledgement. From a process perspective, we would have regular feedback sessions with customers and employees on activities the organization does and tune the activities based on the feed back.


We will not tolerate any person in our organization on shutting down a member in a dictator perspective unless if the other person continues to persist with his thoughts even though there is a consensus on the team members that the activity is wrong. We have the right to disagree on issues but once a consensus is done, we would work to make the decision happen.


All services we do would have clearly defined stages with activities defined, inputs and outputs defined and metric indicator sets whose goal is to indicate the status of the task and improve the service on the long run.
From a customer perspective, we update the customer on the status of the project and the release day so that the customer is always aware of project progress. From a process perspective, all activities would have a resource in charge whose job is to indicate the status of the activities regularly to the stakeholders.


We will not tolerate any jobs where there is no definition of the end point of the job or where there is no indication of the next step from the resource who owns the job.


This means that every service we do, the team members take collective responsibility for the team and perform activities which would help the team to achieve the goal. This could be helping each team member in crisis and sharing knowledge to other team members. From a customer perspective, any knowledge shared by the customer in terms of his business, domain knowledge, referral and growth would be appreciated and captured. From a team member perspective, team members would be made to contribute there knowledge in written format, informal sessions and would be rewarded for there contribution. From a process perspective, we would knowledge sessions, mentoring sessions with leaders to promote knowledge in the organization.


We will not tolerate any member who does not want to share his knowledge and will be considered to be not a member of our team. This is the essential asset of a leader in our organization.


This means do the unexpected when it is not expected which would create an "aha" moment in the minds of our customer and team members. Here are the major objectives under which these activities would be defined.
1. Help our customer to increase his sales or reduce his cost by performing a research on and a report or technique which would achieve the above objective.
2. Look for steps to make his application perform an usecase with less clicks, reduce the defects in the application, improve the speed of loading the screens of an application.
3. Create a key performance indicator on a screen which would indicate the status of an usecase which would be of great help to our customers.
4. Do one day releases per month at least once which would delight our customers.
5. Analyze the data and create trends which would help the customer shed some insight on his business.
6. Help and Work with the team member on a service on an issue or crisis situation by volunteering and get the job done to the customer.
From a customer perspective, we would define this as 110% service where we would do create a 110% report which would indicate activities which would help our customer to increase his sales, reduce his costs, make our application user friendly and improve performance on page loads. From a team member perspective, we would judge our team members progress on this activity and leaders would be judged on this activity for growth and would be rewarded for this activity in the form of motivation rewards. From a process perspective, there would be value report sessions which would help the team members to contribute to the extra step and marketing and sales teams highlighting the extra step needed for our uniqueness. The organization would also perform the 110% service to our team members.


Quality is an important aspect of our service and our team members would be judged based on the quality of the service. Quality is the expectation of quality from the requestor perspective on a particular service. From a customer perspective, our applications should meet the expected quality which is consistent look and feel of the screens, appropriate messages with no spellings, indicating the user to the next step of activity once they complete the usecase and no page crash defects on our releases.