Track Seo Data Inside Salesforce

Business Need
Tracking SEO data and Web leads and opportunities inside salesforce CRM from Search Engines. (Track Seo data inside salesforce)

Corelink data centers is an IT service company specializing in providing data centers and cloud based infrastructure services for enterprise clients.

They were spending a lot of money on Google ad words and generating ads on Google. But they were not able to track the leads and opportunities which were generated by these ads. So there was a significant amount of money wasted on spending on the wrong ads and keywords on Google with no results.

Thylaksoft solution
We integrated and customized salesforce plug-in for Google ad words and another salesforce app which allowed the client to view the leads with keywords, ads, referring website from where the lead came to the landing page. This allowed the client to track which keywords, ads and ad group was effective in generating leads. We also customized salesforce such that the SEO data was also transferred to opportunities which allowed the clients to view the ROI results of there Google ad campaign. This allowed the client to track the exact dollar amount returned from there Google ad word spending per month. We created customized lead and opportunity reports which allowed the marketing team to view top performing ads, keywords inside salesforce with dollar amounts. We created a dashboard which allowed tracked dollar amounts generated from the Google ad word campaign.

Corelink was able to save 40% of there marketing dollars which was wasted on least performing Google ads. We also enhanced there capability by creating value added lead and opportunity reports showing ROI on there campaigns which they never had before. With our implementation, the stakeholders had better control on there marketing budget where they would be able to view there return of investment on the money they had spent. The productivity of the marketing department improved by 15% where the team was spending a lot of time in generating the reports which are now displayed in salesforce as custom reports and dashboards.