Synchronize with Sugar CRM

For magento users, using a crm solution like salesforce is an addon advantage to follow up with the leads , convert abandoneed shopping carts, allowing the sales people to follow up with opportunities is a problem using Magento. So in these situations, an extension to integrate with Magento with salesforce will be of great help.

Our solution
Our solution is an extension which would post real time lead data, shopping cart data and customer data to salesforce. Here is how it works. Convert abandoned shopping cart data to opportunity in salesforce.

a. Customer registers on magento website and adds product to a cart.
b. Customer registers with his information and abandons the cart by clicking the button.
c. Our solution would post the customer in magento as lead in salesforce, the shopping cart data including products as opportunities in salesforce and create a follow up task for the sales person.
d. Your sales team would login to saleforce and follow up on the opportunity to convert it.

Convert existing customer order to salesforce won opportunities.
Once a customer makes a purchase on the mangento website, our solution would post the order data as an opportunity with closed won status, post the customer information to salesforce.

Sync customer and lead data with salesforce.
Anytime a customer or a lead makes changes to there contact information, our solution would post the data to salesforce real time.

1. Will help to increase sale by following up on abandoned orders.
2. Will help to run promotions on repeat orders from customers in salesforce for marketting.