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03 / 18 /2011
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Nice to use feature If you have large sections on your salesforce page and you need to drill down to the bottom to see the details, There is a free google chrome extension which can help you to hide and display some sections on a browser . This only works in google chrome browser.

Many times standard and custom pages come with various collapsible sections to better organize the information. To avoid visual pollution, users want to collapse those sections that they are not currently interested in. To accomplish this task, they have to manually collapse each section one after the other – an onerous chore if one has many sections on the page.

Tip 2
If you want to use templated tasks which you want to create and repeat it for several tasks, there is no app which can do it at the moment. Here is an app which can work in the professional edition which you can use for free and create repeatable tasks.

Action Plans encapsulates best practices into reusable task templates. An Action Plan can be created for an Account, Opportunity, Contact or Lead. Template tasks can be pre-assigned to a specific individual, assigned to the running user or assigned to a record owner.

Tip 3
Always name your opportunities a meaningful name. One tip would be to start with account name- category name which you want to sell on the opportunity. For eg if you have an opportunity to sell printers for Citibank , your opportunity should be Citibank – Printers which can help instead of just calling opportunity 1 or 2 etc.

Always create a view for dead leads so that your marketing team can act on it at a later stage.

Tip 5
When you complete a task, always create a new task with a due date so that salesforce will create follow up task and show up for you on the due date.

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02 / 24 / 2011
Salesforce Tips for daily use.

App Tip

Nice to know tip.

1.To display global messages to all your salesforce users, use the Messages and Alerts section of the Home tab sidebar. This would displays announcements customized by your organization's administrator. How to do it The Messages and Alerts section is not available in Personal Edition. You can use this to display global messages to all the users in your salesforce edition Click Setup | Customize | Home | Home Page Components. Click Edit next to the component you want to edit. If there is no Edit link next to a component, it is read only.

Tip 2
Productivity tip 1.

1. Use opportunity genius feature to educate sales people to get in touch with other sales people who had worked on a similar opportunity and collaborate to win the deal.

How to do it
On the opportunity detail page, the Similar Opportunities related list displays opportunities that match attributes of the current opportunity. Enabling this related list allows users to learn how their current opportunities relate to other opportunities in Salesforce.

Configure how Salesforce CRM searches for similar deals to ensure the ones we find are tuned to your organization

Click Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Similar Opportunities

Tip 3
Productivity tip 3.
Create validation rules to make sure some fields are captured in the opportunity when the opportunity is moving very close to the closing stage. This would ensure that all the key fields of the metrics are captured correctly and useful in reporting and watching trends.

Tip 4
Create roll up summary fields on the account object related to opportunities so that users can get a good idea of the accounts they are dealing with.

Tip 5
4. If the lead is not qualified or dead, it is better to move the leads to a marketing que so that the marketing team can generate campaigns for them and create opportunities for them.

How to do
Move the stale leads to marketing que and have the marketing team to work on these leads to create opportunities for them Just because a lead isn't ready for prime time when its generated doesn't mean it is lost forever. Once your sales team has determined a lead isn't qualified what is the process for passing it back? An easy way to do this is create a custom lead status value of "marketing" or "archived" that indicates marketing can continue to cultivate the lead until it is ready again for sales.

Add an Archived value to the lead status field.

Create a new picklist field called Disqual/Archive Reason - values to be included No Budget - Competitor -No Decision - No Power -Lack of Vision - Never Reached -Wrong Information

Create a marketing queue so that you can assign leads to this queue.

Create a workflow rule that automatically switches the lead owner to the marketing queue once Lead Status has been switched to archived

Free Salesforce Apps which you should try for your use. Here is the top 5 apps from salesforce labs which you want to check out..

Milestone PM app
This app has the latest project management features with gant charts, milestone tracking and tasks. It also has a template which you can share your project with any other orgs. The only limitation is that it cannot be tied to any standard salesforce objects like opportunities, contacts etc at this point.

Salesforce for twitter App
This app helps to communicate with twitter and schedule searches on twitter. It can automatically create leads, contacts and cases with twitter.

Lead scoring app
This has dynamic rules where you can create the rules automatically for the leads without any customization.

Chatter Influence app
This would help you to measure the effectiveness of chatter and how many users are using it and measure results from chatter as well.

Chatter dashboard app
This has some cool dashboards which you can use to monitor your chatter effectiveness in your organization.

• Checklist to verify before you start using salesforce for your company.
• Tips to reduce number of key strokes or clicks.
• Tips to maintain clean data.
• Tips for getting best salesforce apps.
• Tips on generating reports.

Checklist to verify before you start using salesforce for your company.
1. When you create users in salesforce, make sure you login to that user account and enable remote access to administrator. This would help you to login to that user and fix any issues.
2. Since salesforce is extremely flexible and people can change data easily, make sure you have history tracking enabled for leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts so that you can easily see who changed what on them.
3. When you import data using the data loader, make sure you fix the owner of the object to the correct owner . If you don't do this, you will have to manually go and fix the records with the appropriate owner.
4. Make sure you create your products and services as products so that it is easy to track which products and services bring you the most revenue .
5. If your company does business in multiple countries , you can set up multiple currencies using advanced currency management. Make sure you understand the implications of it before you turn on this feature as this would affect forecasting reports.
6. When you set up permissions, make sure you set up the most restrictive permission for the organization wide default and then start creating rules for exceptions.
7. It is a best practice to create roles for every salesforce user you create which would help you to share permissions in the future.
8. Create always a custom view or report to view today activities on leads and opportunities so that the sales people can start working on those leads or opportunities right away.
9. Always display record types on the page layout so that you can see what record type you are working on the detail page.

Tips to reduce number of key strokes or clicks.
1. Go to setup -> Customize--> search settings and turn on Enable Sidebar Search Auto-Complete . This would allow you Google like search on the search text boxes for records matching results.
2. . Go to setup -> Customize--> search settings and turn on Enable Single-Search-Result Shortcut . This would take you to the record detail page if there is only one record matching your result and thus save you an extra click.
3. Always clone an existing profile rather than creating a new profile from scratch.

Tips to maintain clean data.
1. When you create pick list fields, always make the none field as the default and make the user select a value. This way the user will not select the wrong value on the pick list automatically.
2. Before you create a lead or contact, click on search for duplicates and if there is no matching record, then create the new lead or contact.
3. When ever you create fake records for testing use a name like dummy or testing which would help you to delete these records in future.

Tips for getting best salesforce apps.
1. When you search on the app exchange, search for . These are apps created by salesforce which are free to use and are very useful for reports, dashboards, custom views.
2. Ribbit is a tool to create notes automatically in salesforce using the mobile phone.
3. Exact target and vertical response are good apps to use for email marketing.
4. Demand tools help to clean up the data and prevent duplicates.

Tips on generating reports.
1. When you run custom reports or standard reports, clearing out the start and end dates would allow you to view the data for the entire time period.
2. When you create custom report type, make sure you check the fields which you want to display on all reports checked by default so that it will always show up on custom all reports which you create.