Magento tips

Magento tips:
Tip 1

1.When you importing my products in Magento using the import all product profile my products aren’t visible in my Catalog product list in Magento’s backend. Does someone know what goes wrong here?

Try to clear Magento cache.
Magento keeps its cache in /var/cache located inside the Magento installation directory. So, for example, if your Magento is installed in your main public_html folder, the cache will be in public_html/var/cache.
To clear the cache, simply delete everything from the /var/cache directory and then reload your website in your browser.

Tip 2

What technologies are currently implemented / integrated in the frontend and behind-the-scenes?

For the front end of, we integrated custom promotional features, slide shows, "mega" dropdown menus, and rich product viewing tools using custom jquery and ajax. All work done on the back end is based on Magento with custom php development to add functionality not found off the shelf.

Tip 3

Hi all,
I have a magento installation and when I set in admin -> configuration -> web -> enable url rewrite my site doesn’t work anymore.
Each time that I click a page from the home i get “page not found”

Well I’m too new to Magento and I’m on but here is the answer to this question I read on others forums :

After enabling URL Rewrite, you need to refresh the magento cache : System > Cache management

And from my own experience since I have the exact same problem as you and this tip didn’t solved my problem at all, here is a way I had my test site work :

Disable URL Rewrite (Yeha I know you want it, but read the rest)
Refresh magento cache
Refresh your browser cache (important because the url still bugged for me after I refreshed magento cache)
And it should work fine now, the url are still rewrote for me even though I disabled it in backend, dunno why. But well, I’ve not checked all my website so it shouldn’t be working at some point.


when i try to export database in magento
it is exported but while i opened with notepad i found only table colums but not data.

Try to export your database using Store Manager for Magento. It has import/export wizard that will guide you step by step, you will be able to preview exported file and if there are any errors there they will be highlighted.

Download free trial of Store Manager for Magneto at

Tip 5

SQL - How to deal with addAttributeToFilter - RegEXP

finally, I found out that ->addAttributeToSelect method did not support REGEXP so I just did a simple trick

I’ll write the condition of what I want