Integrating Salesforce With Existing Systems

Many companies using Salesforce require integration with their current system for seamless transfer of data. If you don’t want to type your data twice into multiply systems, then Salesforce integration is your solution. We offer 2 types of integration solution.
a. Real time integration
b. Batch mode integration.
In real mode integration, our solution is a custom salesforce module or app which would reside on salesforce and automatically synchronize the data to any external system real time.
In batch mode integration, our solution would synchronize sales force data with external systems automatically at regular intervals. Now our batch solution is more robust than the salesforce data loader in the following ways.
1. Our solution can be easily customized with a click of a button whereas the salesforce data loader can only be done using command line.
2. Our solution processed 40 million accounts in salesforce in 2 hours compared to salesforce dataloader which took 6 hours to run.
3. Our solution also has a web based front end view which would allow you to view the status of the transactions and provide you 3 dimensional view of the data.