Force Cloud

Thylaksoft provides cloud solutions consulting and systems integration for enterprises looking to accelerate business outcomes. Thylaksoft transforms how its clients develop Force application,Force mobility solutions which accelerate revenues and convert customers into advocates.Thylaksoft always wants to focus the values for the customers with measurable indicators and make sure goals of client reached with feedback..

We offer the following services for Salesforce crm.

Quick Start salesforce setup

This service is for businesses who would like to migrate to salesforce crm from an other crm like act, goldmine or want to setup quickly within 3 weeks in salesforce. We offer this service for a flat fee and will get this done in 3 weeks.
1.Setting up 2 business process in sales and marketing on the sales or service cloud.
2. Building objects and relationships.
3. Loading data from external crm or other systems one time.
4. Creating reports for tracking leads, opportunity piplelines.

Salesforce Health Check Service

This service is offered for businesses who have been using salesforce for an year or more and are not able to get any results within salesforce. Most of the scenarios would be low adoption from users, sales cycle still very high and no productivity from the sales reps in closing deals. For this, our service would do the following

1. Evaluate existing salesforce crm implementations and provide measures to improve adoption and tracking.
2. Build reports and dashboards to measure performance on leads, opportunities and activities and other objects.
3. Define key performance indicators with benchmarks to measure ROI and deliver reports to measure them.
4. Customize salesforce data entry screens to make it easier to enter data and prevent data errors.
5. Analyze lead, contacts data for duplicates and errors and take measures to clean up them.
6. Define a cloud strategy for IT departments from technical, feasibility, risk management and practices to manage cloud vendors.

Salesforce Apps service

For independant software vendors who have software with a lot of customers, salesforce would be an ideal platform to get new leads. We offer this service to companies who want to build a new app on this platform or want to integrate there salesforce org to other applications. Our service would do the following.

1.Integrate and customizing existing salesforce apps from the app exchange to the current platform.
2. Building apps on the platform to integrate with accounting systems, order management systems.
3. Customize and integrate custom saas apps to the platform.

Managed Service

This service for businesses who use salesforce a lot for more than a year and have more than 50,000 leads and contacts in there database. They dont have an it person to manage there data and struggle to clean up duplicates and there data is in a mess. So sales people end up calling the same lead or contact resulting in loss of productivity. Our Managed service does the following.

1.Recurring monthly services for a flat cost to do data clean up, prevent duplicates, fix errors and generate reports on clean data.
2. Recurring training every month to end users on best practices, user adoption and tips for growth.

Colloboration Service

This service is offered for businesses who want to build a customer portal, partner portal or integrate there customer service organization with social media like twitter, face book etc. Our colloboration service would do the following.

1. Integrate chatter with the organizations, measure effectiveness of chatter and educate on best practices to generate best value on chatter.
2. Build sites for customers and partner portals.
3. Integrate with social media clouds like facebook, twitter and linked in.