Enterprise Edition

As Magento certified developers, we have been developing and customizing Ecommerce solutions for over 15 years.

Our solution to Magento Enterprise Edition is to provide you a consultation approach where we would evaluate your required features, your target audience, and the required customizations with the goal of providing you a cost benefit analysis report of Magento versus other solutions, gaps analysis solutions, technical solutions, and long term costs for maintenance and scalability.

In our approach on Magento consulting, we would conduct in-person meetings or teleconferences to identify requirements, long term objective goals, and other applications which you need to connect and target customers.

With our hardware report, we analyze the traffic which your site will generate in three years and provide a hardware architecture solution which would list servers, databases, and proxy servers to handle traffic and hardware costs.

Our technical report would outline Magento benefits, gaps on features and how to mitigate them, and extensions needed for customization.

Our functional report would outline use cases, functional components to be built, and actors and extensions to be customized and built.

Our interface report would outline other applications which need to be integrated with Magento, lay out a plan on how the integration would work, and explain data synchronization, and highlight the Magento bridge connect module and interfacing needs.